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How can I acquire a custom or modified system?

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At New Era Electronics, we offer varying levels of customization in order to suit customer needs. The levels vary from custom configuration and assembly, OEM branding, and full custom chassis and computer designs. Contact a technical representative to inquire about what option is best for your specific project requirements.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for custom or modified systems?

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Simple configured and assembled systems as found on the ecommerce store have no MOQ. Other more complex builds that include OEM branding or custom parts may require a MOQ. The MOQ depends on the level of customization that your project requires.

What are your long-lifecycle capabilities?

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There are 3 types of lifecycle products that New Era offers, dependent largely on chipset lifecycle.

• Light-Industrial: Includes all products offered by Shuttle. 3 year lifecycle.

• Embedded Lifecycle: Includes Embedded Intel® Core™ series processors.   5-7 years

• Extended Lifecycle: Includes Embedded Atom® and Celeron® processors, such as those in the Baytrail and Braswell family:  10-15 years


As part of New Era Electronics long lifecycle services, you will be notified before a product you are purchasing goes end of life and be offered an option for a last-time buy.

Can you source obsolete products?

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If your normal supplier has failed to notify you of a product’s end of life date before it goes obsolete, feel free to contact New Era Electronics in order to help you track down a quantity of that obsolete part to hold you over until you can put together a new design. While we make no guarantees, New Era has a product team that specializes in locating and sourcing obsolete parts.


    Call us at 905.265.1235 or fill out the form below. Our experienced technicians are available to help with your custom configuration or to provide a quote.