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There are about as many different use cases and applications for embedded computers as there are OEMs. In our many years of service, New Era Electronics has had the pleasure of assisting customers with creating solutions across a myriad of different industries. See a few of those industries below.


The medical industry understandably requires strict product specification standards that an OEM needs to be able to keep up with. This means that among other things, the OEM needs to deal with certifications, have product that won’t be obsolete for a great deal of time, and they need a distributor who can provide for these requirements. More than that, they need a distributor who can cope with that and still manage to offer good product and service. See what New Era Electronics offers for the Medical Industry.

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The digital signage industry has seen a boom in the past decade, with no sign of stopping. The ease and flexibility of digital display based signage has resulted in it pervading nearly every sector. Stadiums, restaurants, street signage, advertisements, building management, the list goes on. With the IOT disruption of the last several years, the possibilities have grown exponentially. Ensure that your digital signage product makes use of the latest technology as well as supply chain management to keep up with the demand.

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With the amount of time individuals spend in vehicles, and the exponentially increasing digitization of our modern world, it is no wonder that Transportation and In-vehicle computing is an industry which has seen explosive growth and constant improvement since its inception.
As computing power and efficiency increases, IOT infrastructure progresses by leaps and bounds, and AI capabilities are on the cusp of self-driving cars, in vehicle computing has never been more of a relevant topic than it is today.

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The latest trends of “Industry 4.0: and the “Smart Factory” have introduced technology with the capability of greatly increasing efficiency and safety, while reducing costs at the same time. The countless leaps and bounds in various technological fields such as computer storage, Internet of Things, sensor technology and analytics software have brought the technological and networking capabilities to greater heights, while also driving costs down, all culminating in technology directly applicable to improving processes on the factory floor.

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