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  • Embedded Controllers
  • HMI
  • IOT Gateways

The latest trends of “Industry 4.0: and the “Smart Factory” have introduced technology with the capability of greatly increasing efficiency ad safety, while reducing costs at the same time. The countless leaps and bounds in various technological fields such as computer storage, Internet of Things, sensor technology and analytics software which are all directly applicable to improving processes on the factory floor.

See New Era Electronics’ offering of recommended embedded controllers, HMIs and industrial IOT gateways

Embedded Controllers

New Era carries a range of fanless embedded controllers and systems with many different interfaces and certifications.


Also known as Panel PCs, these all-in-on devices provide an intuitive interface to control the machines.

IOT Gateways

As predictive and preventive analytics technology evolves year-by-year, IOT is in ever growing demand in automation.

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