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What is a Design Engineer’s Number 1 Uncertainty?

A survey of design engineers across 6 different industries found that 65% have run into problems regarding product lifecycle from vendors. Problems arising from a shorter-than-expected lifecycle include product redesigns, component incompatibilities, and in some cases a product recertification. All of which can be costly and time consuming to rectify.

In order to incorporate a computer or component into their product design, engineers need to feel confident that their suppliers will not declare the product as End of Life (EOL) before the expected date. The solution to this, of course, is long computer hardware lifecycle management. When computer hardware lifecycle management is done properly, it begins at the start of the design cycle.

New Era Electronics’ Long Lifecycle Management Services

New Era Electronics has offered long lifecycle computers and components since our inception in the year 2000. We know how important a reliable lifecycle is and as such, we have structured our entire product and service offering around providing long lifecycle components. In fact, we wrote the book on lifecycle management of industrial computers.


Long Lifecycle components could be safely broken down into two categories:

Embedded Lifecycle:

The most common long lifecycle option offered by true-industrial manufacturers. It is based on Intel’s embedded CPU options and typically lasts about 5-7 years. This is fine for most OEMs.

Extended Lifecycle:

This option includes certain embedded Atom®, Celeron®, and ARM-based processors. Extended lifecycle products can last anywhere from 10-15 years and they are the ideal solution for all lifecycle issues.

Long Lifecycle Services Include:

  • Product Lifecycle Evaluation: Select product based on your lifecycle requirements, product lifecycle and the reputation of the manufacturers
  • Lifecycle Roadmaps: Provide a lifecycle roadmap for the computer and components provided.
  • BOM Freeze: Provide a freeze on the board level components, at customer request.
  • Firmware Version Control: Maintain a specific firmware version, at customer request.
  • Product Change Notifications (PCN): Provide PCNs for the computers and components that customers purchase.
  • Last Time Buy: Provide the last time buy date well before the product goes end of life, allowing the end customer to prepare for the new design cycle.
  • Transition Stock: Utilize blanket orders and supply chain management to make the product transition seamless and maximize the product lifecycle.


Obsolete Product Sourcing

Occasionally customers will come to New Era Electronics looking for a product that is already EOL. For whatever reason, the product that they were purchasing went EOL before they were ready to redesign and so they need just enough stock to support them until they are able to complete their new design. In these instances, New Era Electronics offer an Obsolete Product Sourcing service.


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