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Digital signage has, in the last decade, been a rather explosive industry. In the ever increasing digitization of the modern world, no industry was spared. From rail, to sports stadiums, and even restaurants, the IOT digital disruption has played its hand. And with the massive influx of data that digitization has brought, the need for digital signage is an ever-increasing quantity. Virtual menus, advertisements, warnings, interactive signage inherent of industry 4.0…, the list goes on. The hallmark of this industrial era is recording, analyzing, and serving curated data to the right people at the right time. This is achieved through digital signage.

But this kind of setup requires more than just a display. The intense workload and networking setup necessitates industrial embedded digital media players and IOT gateways made for 24 hour operation.

Take a look at New Era Electronics curated digital signage offering:

Digital Media Players

New Era offers a range of players from Atom to Core i7. From 2 independent displays, up to 6.

IOT Gateways

Data collection, analytics, software updates and more. IOT gateways have myriad uses in Digital Signage.

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