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Time and Engineering are a Resource

At New Era Electronics, since our inception, we have always understood the requirements of the OEM. We understand that as an OEM you are committed to providing an industry targeted solution to your customers, and as such need to focus your time and development resources towards customer satisfaction. That is exactly why when you contact New Era Electronics, you are provided with a team of veteran sales professionals and engineering personnel. By leveraging our experienced team, you can pass the problems of hardware and supply chain to us, freeing you up to focus on your broader solution, saving you time and money.

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Faster Time to Market

Within a climate where good service is equated with fast service and there is an ever-increasing demand for newer, more sophisticated tech, time to market has become paramount for the OEM. Being late to market can result in lost sales or, even more catastrophic, the market being gobbled up by competitors that are lighter on their feet. The problems are caused by the following: Extended design and development time due to inexperienced or slow moving distributors; and Standard lead times for embedded products which can reach up to 8-12 weeks. New Era Electronics provides a full breadth of design and distribution services, able to take you from concept, to prototype, to full production—Taking the time and guesswork out of your hardware development process. And to minimize lead times New Era offers several OEM-specific lead time reduction services by utilizing supply chain management, bonded inventory, and “just-in-time” inventory for your benefit. Often eliminating lead times altogether. Contact one of our design consultants today to get a proposal detailing how we can assist with your production cycle.

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