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VR is Transforming Healthcare: Here’s How

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July 3, 2019
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Virtual reality (VR) is developing in leaps and bounds, but it’s not all about gaming. In fact, VR promises the medical industry a whole host of benefits.



Before completing a complicated operation, surgeons can now plan more carefully using VR. They’ll effectively be able to have a trial run, carrying out a pretend operation as though it was real. This dress rehearsal will prove invaluable and hopefully help surgeons to anticipate difficulties ahead of time and prepare accordingly.


Mental Health Support

Mental health issues such as phobias and PTSD can take a long time to recover from using traditional methods. However, VR can introduce patients to small amounts of stimuli in a safe environment to gradually help them cope more easily in the real world. Patients can often feel threatened or very afraid when encountering such stimuli in their daily lives, so being able to do so in controlled circumstances can make it seem more manageable.


Managing Pain

Although still undergoing research, VR could be an alternative for patients who aren’t able to have anesthetic or sedation. Whether used alongside other medications or just on its own, VR has the potential to divert focus from painful stimuli to more peaceful, relaxing places. VR may also be able to support physio, providing patients with scenarios and instructions to facilitate different movements.


Stress Reduction

For many patients, especially those staying in the hospital for longer periods of time, being confined in a healthcare facility can be stressful. VR is able to provide them with games to take their mind off their situation and worries. For example, the game DEEP has already been developed and aims to offer relaxation by encouraging deep breathing. Patients can see underwater scenes mirror their breathing patterns, simulating the calm that meditation and yoga offer.


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