Tablets or Panel PCs for Industrial Use?

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October 15, 2019
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From the first industrial computer released by IBM in 1984 to today, the Panel PC has been one of the most important iterations of the computing movement.

With a wide range of customizable options, a Panel PCs can meet and exceed your expectations and needs for industrial computing. But, is a Panel PC a good choice over a tablet for an industrial setting?

Two of the common considerations in opting for tablet computing over Panel PCs, are price and mobility. What is factored in less are durability, longevity, and support.


First, consider the durability of devices. Consumer-grade tablets generally fall short of the demands of industry. Industrial grade tablets can be purchased for less than a Panel PC, but a tablet can be at risk on a factory floor or other industrial work environments. For example, are there safe places to put them down without risking damage? Will your employees think to place your tablet in a safe place when they are on the plant floor?

Second, the portability of tablets means that they are more susceptible to theft.

Third, yet another consideration is battery power. A Panel PC doesn’t have this issue.

Lastly, tablets rely on wifi for networking, whereas Panel PCs can be set up on a more reliable wired LAN connection.


The support for a Panel PC it typically more extensive than for a tablet. Today, the computer module can be removed from some Panel PCs for easy servicing. A spare module can be inserted to lower downtime while the another module is being serviced.

If a tablet goes down, your option is to put another tablet into play at the cost of that second tablet.

Of course, the best way to avoid downtime is with reliable systems. New Era Electronics will help you design systems that are durable and reliable for the long haul. Whether it’s computer assembly, testing, burn-in, or logistics, our support is unsurpassed, and we will assist you in every stage of your computing needs.

At New Era Electronics, we have structured our entire product and service offering around providing long lifecycle components. In fact, long lifecycle management is our pledge to you. Request a quote in our header above.