The Role Of Rugged Computers In Industrial Automation

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January 6, 2020
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Industrial automation is the use of control systems like robots and rugged computers to handle different processes and machinery with minimal human assistance. A rugged computer is a PC designed to function under harsh conditions and environments, e.g., extreme temperatures,

vibrations, dusty and wet conditions.

These two have led to the automation of monitoring, design, and manufacturing processes across various industries, including defense, factory, engineering, medical, and retail. However, industrial automation and rugged computers have a symbiotic relationship, which makes industrial computers significant in any industry.

This is because rugged computers have contributed to the trajectory of automation. Additionally, developments in the automation industry have influenced improvements and advancements in computing processes.


The use of computers is appropriate for high volume manufacturing that human beings can’t perform efficiently. This also ensures that the creation and assembly of sophisticated equipment are done with precision and high speeds that result in increased production.

The use of rugged computers over their consumer or desktop counterparts is a necessity in manufacturing, as rugged computers are designed for 24 hour operation and can withstand the vibration, dust and extreme temperatures of a manufacturing environment. The automation industry has greatly benefited from rugged computers since they can safely handle manufacturing requirements with greatly reduced failure rates and down-time.

Simulation and Visualization

With the rise of AI and increasing efficiency of CPU & chassis designs rugged computers are capable of supporting powerful systems that can emulate real-world situations, all in a small-form factor, fanless package at a reasonable price point! The phrase “high-powered fanless computer” would have been an oxymoron 10 years ago. These developments are making it possible for industries to make use of complex AI or machine learning for the purpose of real-time, automated risk analysis, visualization and simulation with no adverse impacts on current processes in harsh environments.

Visualization and simulation are essential in various industries, including mining, geology, medical imagery, and surgical simulations.

Rugged Computer Solutions

Rugged computers are becoming more popular as a response to the need for evolved industrial PCs that can function under the harshest of conditions. These computers improve automation due to their increased sunlight readability, capacitive touch screens, compatible operating systems, and high levels of security.

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