The Importance of SSD’s for Your Business

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September 4, 2019
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Hard drives may be more common, but solid-state drives are far more superior for business and commercial usage. In addition to providing much more computing power for new computers and web servers, solid-state drives can also improve the performance of existing computers and servers for only a fraction of the amount you would pay if you bought new computer systems. If you are looking to get maximum performance for low costs, SSDs can improve productivity for your business in many ways HDDs can’t. 


What is an SSD?

SSDs are improved storage devices that are much faster than their legacy HDD counterparts. Unlike HDDs, SSDs have no mechanical materials or moving parts inside of them, which makes them a better choice for reading and writing data. The entire storage device is completely digital and saves information to tiny embedded microchips. As a result of SSDs not having any moving mechanical parts inside of them, they are also less prone to processing failure and physical damage from wear and tear.


Why are SSDs important for your business?

  1. Speed and performance

Solid-state drives can process information and load programs much quicker than standard hard drives. This is beneficial for your business because it will allow you to work faster and complete more tasks in less time. SSDs are also more energy-efficient and typically drain less battery life compared with traditional HDDs. 

  1. Durability

Because SSDs don’t contain any moving mechanical parts, in contrast with hard drives, they are more durable and can withstand much more wear and tear without being damaged. Flash-based storage, such as SSDs also has wider temperature ranges, with several extended temp SSD options available on the market.  This is important for your business because industrial computer systems can be moved around and/or exposed to different environmental conditions which can cause them to become damaged if they don’t have the correct components. SSDs will provide an invaluable layer of protection against this problem.

  1. Improved confidentiality

Your business likely handles highly sensitive information you would want to keep from malicious cyberattacks or unauthorized users. Unlike hard drives that can only encrypt data at the software level, SSDs can encrypt data at the hardware level. Therefore, they are a much better choice for protecting your sensitive data and giving you peace of mind.