The Importance of Having the Right Industrial Chassis

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July 31, 2014
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One Hous(ing) Many Solutions: The Industrial Chassis

A major component of a solution required in an industrial environment is the Industrial Chassis.  Companies with Industrial environments rely on unique solutions to be more competitive in their local and global environments and it is the incorporation of electronic systems into the business that drives this competitive advantage. Providing an enclosure that will satisfy the integration of computing platforms comprising boards, systems and peripherals necessary to provide a solution for a specific environment is the key function of the Industrial Chassis.

It is important to carefully analyze the specific needs and unique functions that are required to build right Industrial Chassis.  Without the proper housing, the solution will not have an opportunity to provide the lifecycle and expected outcomes for which the client is looking.

Industrial Chassis – Purpose Built Solutions

The Industrial Chassis is the frame that holds and protects all of the “innards” of the computer. While the chassis specifically refers to the case itself, chassis normally come with a power supply. Additionally, and more specifically common to industrial chassis, they can also include a backplane.

Among the list of bus types of industrial backplanes are:

  • Versa Module Europa bus (VMEbus)
  • Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)
  • Compact PCI (cPCI)

Mountings and cooling systems are specifically engineered for the Industrial Chassis.  Considerations regarding power, cooling, possible fanless requirements and vibration protection are also specific to the function and design.  Depending on the use of the chassis there are a number of methods that can be used for mounting.  The possible methods are:

  • Table top/floor
  • Rackmount
  • Wall mount
  • DIN-Rail Mount

Ensuring a Complete Solution in the Industrial Chassis

The solution designed for the client containing the hardware and intelligence is housed in the Industrial Chassis. Tying the chassis requirements to the solution is the work of the design engineers.  Deciding the chassis make up, possible back plane, cooling, power, etc., defines the environment and all of the factors that are required for the solution in that environment.

When complete the Industrial Chassis will contain the necessary certifications.  These certifications ensure that the chassis follow and meet the guidelines as set out by organizations such as the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

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