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How OEM Branding Could Improve Your Business

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August 29, 2019
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How OEM branding could improve your business

As an OEM company, you want to provide your customers with the best products and service possible. While purchasing generic or white box solutions may be a convenient way to bring your products to market quickly, you are limiting the potential of your company by not using branded hardware or labeling.


Why is OEM branding important?

OEM branding on your hardware and packaging is important as it contributes to providing positive customer experience and furthers the reputation of a brand. For example, if hardware comes complete with company branding it indicates to your customers that you are so confident in your products that you wish to attribute your company name to them and proudly display your work. Similarly, OEM branded packaging gives the impression of a professional business that is willing to take care of the smallest of details for its clients.

Additionally, from a purely promotional perspective, having branded hardware is invaluable for fostering brand recognition. If you sell a customer a piece of hardware that isn’t branded, the only ones who will know your company name are the purchaser and perhaps some technical staff. Depending on the purchasing and installation process at your customer site, it’s entirely possible that the people actually using and seeing the hardware day-to-day will never know who provided it, even if it has your proprietary software installed. By having custom branded hardware, you ensure that EVERYONE who comes into contact with your device will know that your company made it and will identify the functions of that device with your company name and logo.


What OEM branding options are available?

There are multiple design options available for an OEM chassis or package; some popular customizations include…

• Chassis powder coating – change the color of your hardware to match your company logo or branding

• Personalized stickers – stick your company logo wherever on a chassis you desire or appears most effective

• Silkscreen branding – print your company logo directly on the device chassis

• Custom packaging – design boxes that perfectly fit your products while showcasing your company brand

• Unique paper inclusions – customize your promotional material to ensure each customer is receiving relevant marketing material

When designing your OEM branding, think about how you could add value for your customer. For example, include the handles to your social media pages on your packaging so customers can easily find your online platforms. Similarly, remember to use colors and fonts that complement your existing branding so your company has a clear, coherent image and personality.


OEM services at New Era Electronics

At New Era Electronics, we constantly strive to meet the changing needs of OEM companies. For more information about our expert OEM branding services, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today. We can deliver custom packaging and personalized chassis coatings that your customers will love.