Helping Hand: Can a Distributor Aid in Building a PC?

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May 29, 2013
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building a pcThe multi-tiered process an OEM goes through when creating a new product creates a number of challenges for the engineering team.

There may be an overarching idea that guides the design, but many of the minute specifications can hold up development, not to mention the hurdles that follow, such as the acquisition of materials and building of a functional prototype.

Depending on the size of the OEM, having dedicated engineers on staff to take a product from concept to production solely on their own incurs a significant cost. Also, those employees will then have to deal with an industrial distributor in getting past the design step. Why not have that relationship between the OEM and distributor right from the start?

Concept and Design: First Steps to Building a PC with a Distributor

Many industrial electronics distributors have specific services to help in building a PC; ones that can help an OEM business acquire a custom built machine for a niche purpose or create a brand new SKU/product line. The distributor works closely with the OEM’s engineers to help realize their ultimate vision.

This relationship dovetails into a more traditional OEM/distributor agreement to get the product to market.

Not many companies think to involve an OEM distributor in the development process early on, but it brings many advantages that expedite the entire process. Concept and design are integral when building a PC, and an experienced distributor provides valuable information, including info regarding compatibility between components, different options to use for the final design, as well as beneficial information about the end of life dates in order to ensure a long lifecycle product.

Prototyping and Production: Getting Your Custom PC to Market

Once the distributor has helped with the conceptual side of the process, their involvement becomes more intense. Prototyping a new machine is an absolutely necessary step, especially if it is completely custom built.

Components must be ordered or manufactured, unique boards and enclosures fabricated, and the OEM’s own distinctive, creative aesthetics applied. In the end, a working prototype helps to iron out any remaining design flaws before the product hits the market.

OEM distributors who help you to build a PC will take on the task of assembling the prototype; and when the device is ready for sale, build the final product to be sold by the OEM.

Fortunately, having a close relationship between distributor and OEM from the beginning creates a better communication chain to get a new machine from concept to market more quickly.

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