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Getting Up-to-Date With Industrial Computing Trends

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July 3, 2019
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At New Era Electronics, we like to keep up to date with the latest and emerging trends in industrial computing for manufacturers. Already nearly halfway through what has been an exciting technological year, it’s time to review a couple of the exciting industrial computing advancements that have occurred to date.


It’s The Year For AI

Artificial Intelligence is steadily growing and is being increasingly adopted by flexible consumption models (along with cloud computing). In one survey by Deloitte, 58% of those who responded stated that they’d undertaken over and including six full AI implementations, which illustrates the scale and importance of this technology.

It’s not just AI that’s having an emerging heyday, either. AR and VR software is making exceptional progress in 2019, particularly when it comes to computer-aided design software, where product manufacturing standards are skyrocketing. These technologies enable firms to get ahead in increasingly competitive manufacturing industries, where industrial computing is at the heart of the business.


Digitization of Supply Chains

Management of supply chains is essential to all competitive manufacturing companies. According to PwC, one-third of more than 2,000 industrialized businesses have already digitalized their supply chains, while as we head towards 2020, it’s predicted that this will rise to three quarters. This movement of digitalization is particularly important for manufacturing businesses, as benefits are vast, including higher levels of efficiency, reductions in operational cost, better inventory control and increased customer satisfaction.


New Era Electronics and Your Business

Whether or not AI or supply chain digitization is in your company’s line of vision, you need to be partnered with a company that can supply you with the hardware and software you need to stay up to date with 2019. As specialists in industrial computers, we’re a true one-stop-shop for high quality manufacturing computing needs, supplying everything from motherboards and panel PCs (HMI) to services such as branding and logistics. We can also help lower cost for our Canadian customers by sourcing parts directly from Asia, avoiding US tariffs resulting in a 10-20% savings, meaning your business gets the best deal out there. Get in touch with us today to find out more.