A Custom Build Computer Hobby Could Kickstart Your Electronics Career

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March 26, 2015
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Hands Installing Computer PartsSome of the greatest innovations of our time have occurred because of people studying and customizing computers. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs built his first personal computer from spare parts sent by William Hewlett of Hewlett & Packard. Or when creating the first Star Wars movie, the team at Industrial Light & Magic had to custom build a computer to process all the special effects that had never been created before, and spawned an empire.

The IT industry is filled with people who have followed a similar path from custom build computers in a casual environment to industry leaders.

Who knows? Your studies in IT combined with your experimenting with custom build computers could provide the kickstart to your own incredible IT career.

Innovation Begins Through Education

A formal education is an important stepping stone in custom build computing and IT development, especially given the complexity and ever-changing nature of technology today. Local universities, technical colleges and specialized schools have many programs in the  fields of computer diagnosis and repair, programming, networking and network administration, Internet technology, and so on.

Research Combined with Innovation Can Outline Future Trends

If you run a computer repair business from your home, you are no doubt well experienced at (1) researching current trends, (2) understanding limitations with current hardware, and (3) experimenting with solutions. Innovative repair/upgrade techniques and custom build work will hone your craft and expertise. This is often exactly how new IT breakthroughs – and thus careers – are created. Your home-based business may be fairly low return (most are), but you may not know that some of your self-developed techniques could be just what an IT employer is looking for. And don’t forget that the custom build computer field extends into the rapidly growing market of wearable technology, home automation, even robot manufacturing.

Shop Around for Quality Custom Build Components

Due to the large discrepancy in component quality, it’s imperative that buyers shop with reputable providers of products for their custom build computers. The leading brands like Intel usually offer the best performance for the price. Buyers should also consider the types of warranty and life cycle they receive for their components. The success of a project or business can be limited by one component’s malfunction or obsolescence.

The Future of Computing Depends on Innovators Working with Custom Build Computers

For industrial and retail sectors, so many innovations are always in the pipeline, and custom build computer technology is a driving force. Nano-computing systems and components, for example, are a rapidly growing sector. The challenge is always on to assess their performance and drive greater integration with current operating systems. This is the type of innovation that is leading towards the fully automated factory, for example, incorporating ultra-fast sensors that provide real-time information via high speed networks. New diagnostic systems will be a huge factor in this field.

And… this type of cutting-edge architecture so often begins with someone working on a custom build computer from home or sitting in a college class.

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