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A large motherboard form factor which specifies a size of 305 × 244 mm (12 inches x 9.6 inches)

Barebones System

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A partially assembled computer system which includes as a minimum: A chassis, a motherboard, a processor, and a power supply. A barebones system will always require some additional work by the customer to get it fully operational. This is in contrast with a Turn-Key or Pre-Configured system.

Computer-On-Module (COM)

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A complete embedded computer built into a single small form factor circuit board. It typically includes a CPU, RAM and I/O controllers. It does not, however, include any input or output connectors. A COM is designed to be socketed into a custom carrier board, which has any I/O and additional controllers that the end user may require. A COM and carrier board solution is intended to be used in a situation where a completely custom motherboard would normally be required. Since the CPU and chipset architecture are designed into the COM, design of the carrier board is considerably easier that designing a complete motherboard from scratch. COMs also have the additional benefit of having standardized sockets among their form factors, which allows for the use of several different COMs on one carrier board. The ease of customization and scalability of COM solutions make for a very attractive solution for some OEMs.


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1. Integrated or made to be integrated in a larger device as a sub-assembly

2. Adheres to an “embedded lifecycle”. This means that the device will continue to be manufactured and supported for 5-7 years. This is in contrast with consumer lifecycles which can cease production and support as soon as 6 months after original release.


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A fanless computer or motherboard does not use a fan for “active cooling.” Rather, it achieves heat dissipation through the use of heatsinks and a specially designed chassis to achieve what is called “passive cooling.” A fanless system is desirable because it removes one of the most common points of failure: the fan.

Form Factor

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Specific size and configuration requirements for a computer component such as a motherboard or computer on module. I.e. Mini ITX Form Factor

Panel PC (Also HMI)

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Also called a “Human Machine Interface” (HMI), a panel pc is a computer and touch screen display combination housed in a single enclosure. Unlike a tablet which is considered a mobile device, a panel pc is designed to be mounted in place in a wall, on a rack or embedded in a machine.


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