IEI Technology USA Corp. is a leading industrial computing service provider that integrates computing platforms and customization services as its core service. IEI provides hundreds of industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals in thousands of customer applications, and supports OEM/ODM services thereby reducing customers’ design time and accelerating product development to help customers advance beyond their market competition. IEI’s new business unit, IEIMobile, focuses solely on mobile and automation computing such as cloud computing, wireless networking and Internet of things. IEIMobile provides professional mobile solutions, including tablet PC, industrial PDA and in-vehicle computing devices. The vision of IEIMobile is to offer reliable, ready-to-use and user-friendly mobile platforms.

IEI has an innovative R&D team, an effective management system and a quality assurance system to develop near thousands of excellent products delivered through more than hundreds of distributors to customers with the fastest time-to-market services all over the world. We will continue designing innovative products, enhancing distribution channels and providing OEM/ODM service for customers now and in the future.


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