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In a market where the biggest players seem to try to attempt to penetrate every market, the result is a homogenized product that lacks focus. For this very reason, Cincoze offers a refreshing, focused approach to the Rugged Computer world. A marriage of German and Taiwanese engineering, Cincoze products manage to be extremely rugged, modular, and incredibly easy to use. The amount of care put into these designs is something any engineer will appreciate.

Partnership with New Era Electronics

In the year 2018 New Era Electronics was signed as the exclusive Canadian Cincoze distributor. Cincoze’s reliability and design philosophies closely parallel New Era Electronics’ own philosophies and wide service offering: above all, a focus on the industrial customer, an understanding of the needs and wants of the OEM, and an commitment to providing the exact solution that the customer requires—without compromise.


  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Transportation
  • Rail
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Kiosk
  • HMI
  • Robotics


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