Industrial-Grade Computing Solutions

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An in-vehicle computer is a special subset of rugged computer specifically designed for use inside of a vehicle such as a car, train, snowplow or construction equipment, just to name a few. While in-vehicle computers share some of the characteristics of rugged computers in terms of durability and environmental resistance, the in-vehicle computers offered by New Era Electronics have many unique requirements that separate them from simple rugged computers, such as:

  • • In-Vehicle Certifications
  • • Wide Voltage Range
  • • Unique I/O
  • • GPS and Cellular Connectivity
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In-Vehicle Computers
In-Vehicle Panel PCs



Robust Panel-PCs designed for easy integration into in-vehicle applications. Ready to meet the harsh demands required of them such as sunlight readability, vibration resistance, and even water proofing. When selecting a Panel PC for any automotive application, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than a product designed and certified specifically for that use-case.

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Our Computer and Panel PC products serve a multitude of in-vehicle applications.


The rail industry is unique in that it carries a set of certification requirements, separate from normal in-vehicle computers. We carry a range of computers designed for this express purpose.


Whether it is on a bus, train or emergency vehicle, security and surveillance has become an indispensable requirement. In-vehicle PCs designed for this purpose require the video processing capability and a sufficient number of POE slots to support all required devices.

Public Transport

As public transportation vehicles rapidly evolve, the need for computers capable of infotainment, fare collection, surveillance, license plate recognition and connectivity is in increasing demand. In-vehicle computers are designed specifically to fulfill each of these needs.

Traffic Monitoring

Automatic toll collection, red light cameras, and even driver assistance systems utilize some form of traffic monitoring. Our rugged computer product lines include vehicle certified PCs capable of license plate recognition as well as complex AI functionality, utilizing AI Accelerators.

Emergency Vehicles

Computers for use in emergency vehicles can fulfill a wide variety of use cases. Our in-vehicle computers and panel PCs come with many unique I/O and connectivity options.

Fleet Management

Digitization has been the only way for logistics companies have been able to keep up with the increasing need for efficiency and organization. In-vehicle panel PCs on trucks, ships, and in container ports make this possible.