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TFT Display Monitors

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD computer displays combine energy efficiency with exceptionally sharp colour clarity to ensure vivid visuals and durability suitable for both industrial and office use. In recent years, TFT LCD displays have replaced nearly all CRT monitors in the industrial and commercial marketplace. Industrial companies worldwide require greater energy efficiency from their displays and this commitment to reducing energy use has driven the development of TFTs.

TFT DisplaysFeatures of TFT Displays

  • Each pixel is a small capacitor with a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two thin conductive layers.
  • Used in touch screens on mobile phones, tablets, vehicle displays and GPS devices.
  • Also used in monitors, laptops, television screens.
  • Screens can range from miniature handheld size to 20 inches and more.
  • Extremely wide viewing angle without any loss of image quality.
  • Able to withstand extreme cold and heat.
  • High luminance, high contrast.
  • Can be read clearly in direct sunlight.
  • Backlighting like LEDs will last an exceptionally long time before needing replacement – up to 100,000 hours or more for some displays.

Perfect for Industry

TFT LCD displays offer consistently bright and virtually flicker-free performance, reducing eye strain low light and mitigating problems with headaches and nausea. Ideal for consoles, readouts, handheld displays and communications devices.

Many brands can be fitted with thick glass screens for protection in tough environments while still offering perfect touch screen operation, even with gloves on.

Applications in Business, Commerce and the Medical Field

You already use a TFT display on your smartphone or tablet. You already know how well it works, how durable it is when protected, and how much it can do.

TFTs are ideal for wireless operations in business. More businesses are moving away from traditional cubicles fitted with PCs and toward TFT devices that can be carried around the office and used in multiple locations, all the while remaining integrated with the company’s core business systems.

Expect to see more and more TFTs in advertising and point-of-sale (POS) applications. Interactive capabilities are an important draw in both these fields, as opposed to the static signage that is beginning to erode from of society.

TFTs are now widely used in many different fields of medicine, either as part of stand-alone devices or integrated into larger equipment. Applications include patient imaging and examining, bedside monitoring, critical care equipment, education and sharing of information for people in diverse locations (telemedicine), online training, medical conferencing, surgical teaching, paramedic units, pathology labs, and so on.

TFT LCD displays are lightweight and affordable. With rugged protection added, they are used extensively in the military from handheld devices in the field to cockpit displays to critical equipment in strategic command centres.

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