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Lead Time Reduction Service

How to Eliminate Product Lead Times – Increase Customer Service and Company Income

The clock and timestamp without numbersCustomers who purchase industrial computer products have to deal with long lead times. It’s a sad fact that in most cases, for large orders, a 4-6 week lead time is a standard for this industry. That quantity is doubled to 8-12 weeks if you are asking for a custom product. While this is an industry standard, it is certainly not ideal and has its own set of problems associated with it.

The three major problems are:

  1. You are forced to order quantities of product far in excess of what you need, for fear of not being able to cope with future demand, since new product can take anywhere from 1-3 months to receive.
  2. You have the tremendous task of planning anywhere from 1-3 months in advance for any orders that you place. An existing situation can change a lot in that time and new demands can arise.
  3. Possibly the most important problem is that what may arise from this is … slow service to your customers.

In a recent study by the Rockefeller Foundation, explaining why customers left a company, it was found that over 65% of customers leave because they believe that the company does not care about them. An additional 14% leave due to being dissatisfied with shoddy service.

With the reduction of product lead times, you will be able to both increase your service level and show your customers that their time is important to you.

How to Reduce and Eliminate Lead Times

With nearly all distributors of industrial computer parts offering long lead times like these, it would seem as though there is no way to avoid them. However, New Era Electronics differentiates itself from the competition by offering lead time reduction services such as “just in time” delivery and scheduled orders. We will do the planning and take the stress off of you.

A quick snapshot of the service rolls out like this: One of our representatives will discuss your project with you. With the various details of your project, including what products you need and when you need them, your New Era Electronics representative will provide you with a plan on how we will reduce your lead times, and possibly even eliminate them.

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