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Maximum installation with minimal space requirements, Slots at the front for 160 mm and at the rear for 80 mm boards, Hot swap-compatible power supply units, EMC and ESD protection, Fully assembled, wired and tested, Integral cooling from left to right, Complies with VITA-1, VITA-1.1, IEC 60 297-3 and IEEE 1101.1/1101.10/1101.1

Product Specifications
Key FeaturesPrepared for the installation of 21 x 6U x 160 mm cPCI front boards and 21 x 6U x 80 mm RTMs
For the optional installation of drives and pluggable PSUs
6U x 8HP AC or DC power supplies, 2 x 350W included
Front/rear interface for CompactPCI defined injector/extractor handles
Keyable PCB guide/slot positions per PICMG 2.10
Red guides for the system slot
Green guides for the PSU slot
Gray/yellow guides for peripheral slot identification
ESD clips for PCB ESD wipe
Optional ESD clips for front panel ESD protection
Optional 30A GND sockets for RTM protection
Front/rear cooling
EMC design
Forced air cooling with intelligent, hot-swap RiCool blowers
Fully wired and tested
DescriptionA 13U x 84HP integrated subrack that accepts up to 21 Slot, 6U x 160 mm, 64 or 32 Bit cPCI boards and up to four 1U power supplies to form a complete CompactPCI system.
Size19", 13U rackmount
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