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Who We Are

New Era Electronics Inc. was founded in August 2000 because there was a need for a distributor that understood the Original Equipment Manufacturer customer base. The modern computer distribution channel has tailored its customer service and selling strategy to the reseller market. This does not work for the OEM.

New Era Electronics Customer Service

The OEM requires a one stop source for their computing needs.

New Era’s technical staff is highly knowledgeable so finding the correct product or service becomes effortless… read more

J.C. – Production Manager

They require a distributor with a customer service and selling strategy that encompasses the need for long life cycle products, evaluation units, scheduled deliveries and end of life product planning. A distributor whose staff are knowledgeable and truly care and are not there just to represent a parade of different manufacturers. New Era Electronics Inc. delivers that and more.


It All Comes Down to What The OEM Needs

At New Era Electronics, it all comes down to the OEM and what the OEM needs, which is everything off their plate that they don’t need to be worrying about. New Era can provide nearly any added-value service whether it be a custom board, system assembly or product burn-in, and we can assist in development of the product from design to prototype to production.

With our years of experience, exposure to a variety of industries and unique product lines, we have developed a valuable knowledge base suited to the endless possibilities of product applications in the various OEM markets.

To summarize, New Era Electronics is a flexible, knowledgeable distributor who provides additional services, on a business model specifically tailored for our often unique and varied OEM customer base.

Join our growing list of satisfied OEM customers and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a distributor that understands your special OEM computing needs.

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