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    New Era Electronics – Your One Stop Source for All OEM Industrial Electronic Computing Needs

    Our customer service ensures a full solution for long life cycle products, evaluation units, scheduled deliveries, end of life product planning and assistance with design issues. We excel with high quality product and great service from professional knowledgeable staff Read More

    Embedded Boards

    embedded boards

    New Era Electronics has a wide array of long life cycle singleboard computers, industrial motherboards and computer on modules to choose from.

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    Embedded Systems

    embedded systems

    We carry exceptional quality barebone systems, completed systems, rackmount computers, panel PCs and rugged tablet computers.

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    quality LCD displays

    In any industrial capacity a high quality lcd display is crucial. It is for that reason that we carry a range of high quality TFT displays and truly superior medical grade lcd monitors.

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    industrial electronic peripherals

    PCI Express mini cards, mini PCI cards, backplanes, riser cards, power supplies and AC/DC adapter, CPU fans and heatsinks.

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    storage and memory devices

    Industrial applications require rugged, industrial, and fast data storage and memory devices capable of functioning in hostile environments.

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