MSI is a name that is quite well known in the consumer market for their systems and motherboards. However from an IPC point of view or in an industrial setting, MSI isn’t necessarily the first company that comes to mind. That has all changed recently, ever since MSI launched a division in charge of IPC products.


At MSI they have the dual goal of promoting advanced technology and customer satisfaction. Quoted from their own organizational profile,

“At MSI, building a superior future life with advanced digital technology has become a belief as well as our consistent pride to create amazing products with our passionate R&D spirit.”

Nowhere is that goal more attainable than in industrial environments, with products in the hands of OEMS who themselves, in turn integrate MSI IPC hardware into their own technology. And by offering their products at cheap prices, with excellent technical service, this likewise offers an opportunity for OEMs to realize their own technological goals.

Partnership with New Era Electronics

New Era Electronics became an MSI distributor at the outset of 2013. MSI found that New Era’s customer service and handling of OEMs was something that they could get behind, and we at New Era were impressed with the quality product that MSI offered at extremely competitive prices. As a result, it is a relationship that bears fruit for the industrial OEM customers.


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