ARBOR, with its more than 10 years of embedded and networking expertise, has the time-tested abilities of providing board-level to system-integrated solution with well-defined manufacturing process and seasoned long-term availabilities. Countless users benefit from the services Arbor provides in terms of high productivity, convenience, efficiency, competitive pricing and reliance.

Partnership with New Era Electronics

New Era Electronics first became connected with Arbor, due to their proficiency in the Medical field. Over the years New Era has integrated Arbor products into countless product and each time their excellent service and high quality product has proven invaluable. Whether we provide one of their boards or systems, or integrate their product into a custom machine, there is a common denominator of customer satisfaction.


  • Transportation
  • E-Service
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Telecommunication
  • Networking
  • Information System
  • Military


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