In-Vehicle Computing



With the amount of time individuals spend in vehicles, and the exponentially increasing digitization of our modern world, it is no wonder that Transportation and In-vehicle computing is an industry which has  seen explosive growth and constant improvement since its inception. As computing power and efficiency increases, IOT infrastructure progresses by leaps and bounds, and AI capabilities are on the cusp of self-driving cars, in vehicle computing has never been more of a relevant topic than it is today.

As there is a steady increase in demand for what this industry has to offer, it has myriad applications:

• Public Transportation

• Taxi Systems

• Self-Driving Cars

• Drones

• Railway Systems

• Connected Cars

• Fleet Management and Logistics

Because of these myriad applications, the computing devices required are many and varied. However, the most important part of selecting a proper In-Vehicle system is that it meets the necessary specs for ruggedness, required I/O and capabilties (such as CAN Bus), industry specific certifications (Such as EN certs for rail). With this in mind, see the recommended in-vehicle products offered by New Era:

In-Vehicle Systems

Panel PCs

Railway PCs


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