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Wide Temp. DDR3 DIMM - InnoDisk


JEDEC standard 1.5V +/- 0.075V Power Supply, Frequency:1066Mhz, 1333Mhz, SSTL_15 Interface, 8 independent internal bank, 8-bit pre-fetch, Burst Length: 8, 4, Average Refresh Period 7.8us, On Die Termination using ODT pin, Asynchronous Reset, All of Lead-free products are compliant for RoHS, PCB Dimension 30.0mm, Storage Temperature -55°C~ +100°C, Operating Temperature -40°C~ + 85°C, Gold Finger 30um

Product Specifications
Pin240 pin; 204 pin
Clock Speed1066Mbps/1333Mbps
Voltage1.5V ±0.075
Operating Temperature-40°C~ + 85°C
  • 1GB~4GB
  • 1066Mbps/1333Mbps
  • Other Infon/a
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