SATADOM i-100 - Innodisk


Amazing smallest SATA disk module, Ultra high density up to 32GB, Simple and easy installation, Advanced and innovative mechanical design for anti-vibration (patented), Built-in VCC at pin 7 (patented, optional), Data encryption AES-128 support

Product Specifications
Capacity2GB~ 16GB (Ultra up to 32GB)
InterfaceSATA II 3.0G
Operating Temperature0°C~+70°C(Standard)
Storage Temperature-55°C~+95°C
Max. Power Comsumption170mA(max.)
H/W Write Protectn/a
Dimension2GB~16GB: 25mm x 39.4mm x 6.5mm (WxLxH)
32GB: 25mm x 39.4mm x 9.5mm (WxLxH)
Data Rate TransferRead:100MB/sec.(max.)
Write: 50MB/sec.(max.)
S.M.A.R.T SupportSupport
A.T.A SecuritySupport
Thermal Sensorn/a
DescriptionSATADOM i-100 series delivers marvelous small-sized dimension mechanical design but within superizing high capacity, which is up to 32GB, and also remarkable data transder rate. As a leading position, InnoDisk developed advanced and especially innovative mechanical design for SATADOM i-100 to improve SSDs reliability to anti-shock and anti-vibration as well. SATADOM i-100, thus, is able to works well even under rugged environments. Simillar as first generation SATADOM, i-100 series is available for SATA Pin7 Vcc in design which make SSD operate more reliably since it's without external power suppy. AES-128 bit, additionally, such a data encryption offering, is suitable for customers who are more data-security-oriented.
Other Infon/a
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