FiD 2.5″ SATA 25000 - Innodisk


Outstanding sequential and random data transfer rate, Support SMART function, Support Windows 7 TRIM, Excellent Random Read/Write performance

Product Specifications
InterfaceSATA II 3.0G
Operating Temperature0°C~+70°C(Standard)
Storage Temperature-55°C~+95°C
Max. Power Comsumption700 mA(max.)
H/W Write Protectn/a
Dimension69.85x100.10x9.30mm (WxLxH)
Data Rate TransferRead:240MB/sec.
S.M.A.R.T SupportSupport
A.T.A SecuritySupport
Thermal Sensorn/a
TRIM SupportSupported
iCell FunctionSupported
DescriptionFiD SATA 25000 delivery a high reliability and high performance for industrial applications, including IPC, automation, and surveillance system. Not only delivering sequential data transfer rate, but also offering excellent random data access performance, SATA 25000 is designed with a DRAM buffer which is beneficial for transfer rate as a data buffer with iCell technology which can guarantee the SSD against any data loss. (SATA 25000 news) **iCell Technology: iCell technology is applied with several capacitors to provide power buffering after host power off. The SSD controller can write all DRAM buffer data to flash, so SSD can ensure all data to be written into disk without any data loss.
Other Infon/a
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