FiD 2.5″ ATA 8000-J - Innodisk


Perfect replacement for traditional hard disk, Built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality, High-reliability: anti-shock and anti-vibration, Excellent data transfer speed, SMART: own AP to monitor the health of the SSD, Support static wear-leveling algorithm

Product Specifications
InterfaceIDE 44pin(2.0mm)
Operating Temperature0°C~+70°C(Standard)
Storage Temperature-55°C~+95°C
Max. Power Comsumption500 mA(max.)
H/W Write Protectn/a
Dimension69.8x100.1x9.5mm (WxLxH)
Data Rate TransferRead: 85MB/sec.
S.M.A.R.T SupportSupported
A.T.A SecuritySupported
Thermal Sensorn/a
TRIM Supportn/a
iCell Functionn/a
DescriptionInnoDisk provides both SATA and ATA SSD, delivering various speed series. Customers can choose suitable solutions according to their system application requirments. All SSD series support industrial grade(-40°C~+85°C) and the capacity is up to 128GB. Also, InnoDisk SSDs are designed for rigrous and mission critical environment.
Other Infon/a
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