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Touch Screen Bonding

With the purchase of a TFT display, if any touch capability is required, it is necessary to bond a touch screen interface to the screen. There are 2 different types of touch screen bonding that New Era Electronics offers to it’s customers.

Tape Bonding

New Era Electronics offers tape bonding of touch screens. This works by applying an adhesive tape to the display in question. This method is cheap, reliable, and provides a functional touch screen display that is suitable for most purposes.

Optical Bonding

New Era Electronics also offers optical bonding of touch screens. This method uses a special crystal clear glue to apply the touch screen. The benefit of this method is that it does not have an air gap, as in tape bonded touch screens. The result of this is that optical bonded touch screens have a clearer image, higher contrast ratio, and a greater resistance to external factors such as vibration and condensation. It is, however, more expensive than tape bonding.

Aside from the bonding process, there are additional options for touch screens. These options include:

  • EMI shielding
  • Polarized filters
  • Sunlight readable touch screen
  • Ruggedized touch screens
  • Etc.


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