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Obsolete Product Sourcing

iStock_000001014206XSmall-300x199The rate of innovation in consumer electronics is extremely fast and it can be hard to ensure that your current devices will still be supported after a year or even a few months. If a product reaches end-of-life status and your company is unprepared, it can create a frantic and costly situation.

Problems Related to Product End-of-Life

iStock_000002259185XSmall-300x213Obsolete products are those that are no longer supported by the manufacturer or are surpassed by a new technology standard.

The problems attached to obsolete products can be severe and if no stock of the component can be found, this can completely stop and OEM’s production. Once a product reaches end-of-life, and there was no EoL plan in place, it typically should be replaced with something newer and more widely supported. This can get expensive and cause problems such as the new product not being compatible with other preexisting devices. Additionally, it complicates service calls, by having 2 different versions of your product in the field. The other problematic situation is when a device needs a replacement part after it has been declared end-of-life by the manufacturer. Even If a product breaks down and there are no replacement parts available from the manufacturer it could cost your company excessive amounts of money in lost productivity.

In medical and military fields the problem of obsolete products becomes an even greater challenge due to the notoriously lengthy certification and design cycles. If a product becomes obsolete and no additional stock can be found then it usually must be replaced by a newer product. When you factor in design and certification, this can mean that production will have to be put on for months until something can be offered.

The way to solve these problems is with New Era Electronics Obsolete Product Sourcing.

Find Obsolete Products and Parts

Whether your supplier didn’t give you enough notice, or you find yourself with less than enough quantity to match your customers’ demand; lack of stock of an obsolete product can leave you scrambling for that product.

Luckily, at New Era Electronics we know the industry and we have dealt with this time and again. If you find yourself in a bind looking for obsolete products, contact us with the product information and required quantity and we’ll help you locate what you need.

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