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Industrial Custom Build Computers

canstockphoto5387009There are as many requirements and needs for the industrial fields as there are businesses. So if you find yourself looking for a system or component that fits your specific requirements and you can’t find it, it’s really not that surprising. Luckily the industrial computer market anticipates such problems, and here at New Era Electronics we can solve them.

Custom Computer Services

The first step that we take in providing you with your custom computer or device is to work out exactly what you will need. The exact specs, how the product will be used, as well as any other hardware or software that it will need to interface with.

At this point we will make a proposal which, depending on your needs, could include any of the following:

  • Board and system level design
  • Private labeling
  • Custom BIOS and splash screen
  • Custom carrier board
  • Conformal coating
  • Environmental stress testing
  • Full EOL strategy

Design Prototype

After a full proposal, including pricing, services and a time estimate, is put together for your review, a dedicated technical expert will be on hand to address additional questions or concerns that you may have before we carry on with the next step: The design of the custom product and subsequent creation of the prototype.

This last and most vital step is the culmination of all of the work and consultation done up to this point. Our engineering team will engage in a design and prototype cycle, which can be boiled down to 4 steps:

  1. Low level rough design
  2. Finalized design
  3. Prototype and testing
  4. Production

You need only tell us the specifications required; and then our team of technical experts will work with you or your engineers every step of the way in designing a prototype. Once the prototype is done and approved we carry it straight into production.

In short, if you require a custom build computer, system, board or chassis, we can work with your engineering department to bring it from concept to design to production.

As an added service, if your organization is not set up for the production of the device, then we can service you down through the entire cycle and offload all of your production onto us. This service includes full system assembly, in addition to the optional services of 24-72 hour burn in and JIT delivery.

Call one of our qualified technical representatives to discuss your specifications and how New Era Electronics can help you with custom build systems @ 905-265-1235

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