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End of Life Services

End of Life Services on OEM Systems

108827819-thinkstockThe end of the life of a product can be extremely costly and burdensome for most industrial OEMs especially those in sensitive fields, such as the medical industry, where changing one component means sending the entire machine through the certification processes again. We offer well planned end of life services for our products.

When a product comes close to the end of its life, you need to have 3 conditions met in order to be safe. You need to:

  1. know when the product will reach the end of its life
  2. be prepared for when it does
  3. be notified of the last-time buy dates, in order to successfully cope with the end of the product’s life

Strategy for Systems Lifecycle

With this in mind New Era will create a strategy from day-one to find the correct long-life-cycle product that fits your requirements and necessary time frame. After the product is decided on, you will be kept up-to-date on the components purchased and will know where they stand at all times. So, when those last-time buy dates roll around, we will have already planned far enough ahead for them.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we use our knowledge and resources to develop the right strategies for these long term decisions. For expert end-of-life-product services, New Era Electronics is there to handle all preparations so that our clients have solutions in place.

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