Computer Assembly

OEM Computer Assembly

open-300x225On top of being a one stop service for all of your OEM computing needs, New Era Electronics will assemble your purchased NEE products for you. We do computer assembly for resistive and capacitive touch panels, high Ingress Protection rated hardware, industrial applications and much more. We will also do computer assembly for your industrial custom build computer ordered through New Era Electronics.

Hassle-Free Computer Assembly

desk-300x225We like to provide the most hassle-free service possible.

To ensure that your product is fully functional we run all assembled products through a 24 hour burn before shipping. This way we can ensure that your product will arrive in complete working condition.

Once you place your order and all parts are in stock we begin to piece together the components that you ordered. Once assembly and configuration is complete we upload the OS image to your hardware.

After all of the hardware and software is in place we run the computer for 24 hours straight to test that all components are in working order and ready for a long life. If any parts are for whatever reason malfunctioning we will replace them and retest the computer before sending it off. This guarantees that your computer will arrive fully assembled and fully functional.

If you have requested a custom computer enclosure we will also assemble and test it with the rest of your hardware.

New Era Electronics Computer Assembly Saves You Time

With us taking care of the computer assembly, you can focus your time on the design aspects and the development of your final product. You don’t have to worry about putting it together once it shows up.

Call one of our qualified technical representatives to discuss your specifications and how New Era Electronics can help you @ 905-265-1235.

Join our growing list of satisfied OEM customers and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a distributor that understands your special OEM computing needs.

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