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Computer Assembly

OEM Computer Assembly


In spite of having access to all of the components that you need, there is still one more step involved in order to get the completed system that you require. The obvious next step is assembly and burn-in. Depending on the build, this can be either a simple or complex task, but one thing that is for certain is that it requires the facilities and the man hours. Both of which, in practical terms, equate to time and money. At New Era Electronics, we provide a service to fully assemble and test your systems and have them delivered where and when you want them, fully offloading the legwork onto us. Depending on the application, the addional service of environmental testing may be recommended.

Hassle-Free Computer Assembly


We like to provide the most hassle-free service possible.

To ensure that your product is fully functional we can run all assembled products through a 24-hour burn before shipping. Through a series of thorough test procedures, we can ensure that the moment your systems arrive, each one is in peak working condition and is ready to use out of the box.

Once you place your order and all parts are in stock we begin to piece together the components that you ordered. After assembly is complete, we upload the OS image to your hardware. At this point we would run the computer for at least 24 hours straight to test that all components are in peak working condition and ready for a long life. If, for whatever reason, any part performs in such a way that it fails our testing procedure, we will replace them and retest the computer before sending it off. This guarantees that your computer will arrive fully assembled and fully functional.

New Era Electronics Computer Assembly Saves You Time

With us taking care of the computer assembly, you can focus your time on the design aspects and the development of your final product. You don’t have to worry about putting it together once it shows up.

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