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Fanless Embedded System for Railway PC

tbox322-882-fl-axiomtek-300x180The tBOX322-882-FL fanless embedded system was designed specifically to suit railway applications and has 3 specific European certifications, suited to railway use. Specifically, these are:

  • EN50155 to withstand a variety of power supply conditions and environmental disturbances
  • EN45545 which stipulates certain requirements for smoke and fire
  • EN60950 for IT equipment

The embedded system can support either the 4th gen Intel® Core™ i3-4010U or Core™ i7-4650U onboard. Despite these high powered processors, the system is still able to maintain its fanless status and has an operating temperature of -25°C ~ +55°C, and -40°C ~ +70°C if an SSD is used, rather than an HDD. This is recommended for more demanding applications.

tBOX322-882-FL main features include:

  • M12 USB, LAN, Audio and Power connectors
  • HDMI and DVI video interfaces
  • 2 x isolated RS-232/422/485
  • 14VDC ~ 32VDC power input

Depositphotos_12723162_sBecause the tBOX322-822-FL fanless embedded system is designed specifically for use in trains, the chassis is constructed to withstand vibrations. The M12 connectors on the rear of the device ensure that there are secure LAN, power and USB connections. A final feature to defend against vibration is the special suspension designed specifically to protect an HDD that is installed. (Read more about: Causes and Effects of Vibration in Embedded Computing).

Train based applications include:

  • CCTV
  • Door Control
  • Message Display
  • Lighting

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