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ShadowSense – The Cutting Edge of Touch Screen Technology

shadow sense touch screen technology - baantoWith the integration of touch screens in an increasingly large number of applications in both the consumer and industrial sectors, the benefits of current touch screen technologies are being fully realized. However, with such dependence on the currently prevalent technologies, the limitations of Touch becomes increasingly obvious. There is a myriad of different touch technologies, such as Resistive, P-Cap, Optical, SAW, etc., each of which has its own benefits. For example, resistive screens are cheap but more fragile and cut down on clarity and luminance. P-cap screens are crystal clear and support true multi-touch, yet don’t respond to a gloved hand or stylus. SAW screens are durable and clear but they can react to foreign particles and can attract dirt to their unsealed edge sensors. This creates a situation where each technology is particularly suited to one type of use case, but no technology is suited to every use case. Luckily, ShadowSense, as the next leap in touch screen technology successfully eliminates all of the cons of the older technology, while also adding unique features.

 What is Shadowsense?

ShadowSense technology changes the playing field by offering a unique, patented optical position sensing technology that works by using high performance sensors, capable of detecting the angle of a ray of light, based on the shadow cast on the sensor.

ShadowSense Technology overview

What is a Shadow Sensor?

ShadowSense: An Intelligent Touch Screen

baanto touch screenShadowSense touch screens are constructed in such a way that the ShadowSensors and IR LEDs are embedded in the frame, allowing the sensors to properly detect shadows in any environment. The touch screen is intelligent enough to filter out high levels of ambient light to ensure it works properly whether under the glare of the sun, or in total darkness. It can also be set to only respond to objects within a certain size range and above a certain level of transparency. All this, while being plug and play. How is this all possible? This is because the touch screen is capable of doing its own processing. When coupled with the intuitive Dashboard configuration tool, engineers and users are given unprecedented access to customization of a wide range of features.. These features range from the ability to prevent accidental touches based on size and speed, to setting palm direction, and even to recognize the functional difference between a stylus and an eraser.


Features and Benefits of Baanto Touch Screen Technology:

Size Scalability:

With a size scale ranging from 8” (20.3cm) to 267” (678cm), ShadowSense has the unique benefit of being both scalable and cost effective. Unlike most touch screen systems, its price model does not scale exponentially.


Because ShadowSense is a bezel based technology, the touch capabilities are completely independent of the glass. Not only does this result in tremendous picture clarity and brightness, it also means that damage done to the glass, does not affect the functionality of the touch screen. Because damaged glass is not a very desirable quality however, ShadowSense technology is used in tandem with a hardened protective glass in order protect against liquids and to prevent scratches, cracks and breakage.

Eliminates Accidental Touches:

Since ShadowSense is able to pick up on things such as the size of an object, the speed of a touch, and the transparency of an object, it can easily deal with the problem accidental touch. Simply by setting the size, transparency and speed parameters of a touch, you can effectively eliminate such accidental touches as the brushing of a sleeve, a stray palm, droplets of water and grease, etc.

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