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Rugged Tablet Computer

10-4-12-rugged-tablet-2-300x218It was probably around 2010 when tablets first gained wide popularity. With cloud computing constantly improving, the efficiency and convenience of having a device that you could carry around with you that’s larger than a smartphone, became remarkably apparent. They were smaller and less clumsy than a laptop and they could take wear and tear. Touch screen technology had already reached a peak from previous smart phone technology, so the tablets were extremely functional. It is no surprise that rugged tablet computers would make their way into business and industry.

What You Want in a Rugged Tablet Computer

There are several uses of a rugged tablet in business, depending on the industry. A few that may come to mind are:

  • as a POS device
  • inventory management
  • a portable CRM
  • a mapping application
  • an all-in-one portable pc to carry around files and to use for communication

Depending on your industry you probably have several other uses in mind, which further drives the point home. They’re incredibly versatile.

There is considerable benefit to opting for a rugged tablet computer, as opposed to a commercial model. The difference between the two being, despite having some of the features and functionality of a consumer tablet, rugged tablets are rugged enough to withstand a constant outdoor environment, as well as water, dust and extreme temperatures. They also have the specifications to back those claims, such as IP-65, MIL-STD-810G and Gorilla Glass to prevent scratching.

What New Era can Offer

New Era carries Rugged Tablets from 2 different manufacturers, Arbor Technology and AAEON Electronics. Between these two companies, we are able to cover a lot of ground. Whether you require tablets with a built-in keyboard, tablets with projected capacitive multi-touch screens, or even tablets designed specifically for medical use, you’re sure to find a fit among our product line.

Rugged Tablet Industrial Applications

  • Marine
  • Government
  • Business Automation
  • Utility Market
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Professional Service
  • Field Sales
  • Medical

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