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PCI Express Mini Card

PER-C21CWhen it comes to customization and adding needed features to a small form-factor motherboard, the PCI Express Mini Card steps to the plate and hits a home run.

Avoiding the Costs of Designing a Custom Motherboard

If you find the motherboard or system that fits ‘almost all’ of your specifications and just need to add a port or two it becomes especially handy. For this reason, a PCI Express Mini Card can be a life saver in avoiding the costs of designing a custom motherboard.

A Large Selection of PCI Express Mini Card’s

It’s no surprise that the PCI Express Mini Card would be especially valuable in the industrial OEM market. But to meet the many and varied needs of the different OEMs, one company would need to have access to a large selection of PCIe mini cards

Luckily, New Era Electronics can lay claim to that title with our current and expanding selection of PCIe mini cards. With a large selection from Commell, a literal powerhouse in the mini card market; and an excellent selection of mini cards from AAEON, we are confident that we can fulfill every OEM’s needs with our one-stop source for all computing needs.

If you need help locating the right PCIe mini card, contact one of our technical representatives here!

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