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Mini PCI Card

A Stable Product Worth Using

PER-V05VMini PCI technology has been around for over a decade, so it’s had a lot of time to ripen as a product. For that reason Mini PCI cards are very stable and have had time to get all of the bugs worked out of them, compared to the Mini PCIe market, which is only just recently getting a strong footing in the way of functionality.

Industrial Computing Legacy Part

Mini PCI, however, is largely being replaced by Mini PCIe and it will soon be pushed into the corner as a ‘legacy part’. This might seem to spell doom for those who have systems and motherboards that only use Mini PCI but there are many things that the industrial computing market specialize in, and among those are legacy parts. So as long as you find a distributor or manufacturer who knows their stuff, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble for some time to come.

We’re happy to say that we carry Mini PCI cards from AAEON and Commell in order to provide a large selection for our customers that will not be going end of life anytime soon.

If you need help locating the right Mini PCI card, contact one of our technical representatives!

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