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Industrial Mini ITX

The Industrial Mini ITX Motherboard

Of all the form factors of motherboards currently in use in the embedded computing industry, the mini-ITX motherboard seems to claim the title for “most used” or “most requested”. This is with good reason, as it happens to be a very versatile little motherboard. It has a small form factor, plenty of room for I/O and it’s just big enough that it can handle a high powered processor or a fanless chassis around it.

However, the high demand for this product has resulted in numerous mini-ITX boards entering onto the market. These can be broken down generally into commercial mini ITX and industrial mini ITX. For the embedded computing industry, the requirements of the embedded project almost invariably call for industrial mini ITX.

What Makes An Industrial Mini ITX Motherboard Different?

Obviously, these are boards made with an industrial use in mind. But what separates the industrial mini ITX motherboard from its commercial counterparts isn’t just physical differences. A key difference lies in support. Most notably, industrial mini ITX boards have long lifecycles. This means 3-5 years as a minimum before going end of life, in contrast to an optimistic 6 months with a commercial counterpart.

A list of the main features that makes an industrial mini ITX different from its commercial counterpart is as follows:

  1. Long Life Cycle – If there is a large enough component change, that can mean an entire system redesign. Though small component changes can spell trouble because OEMs often need to be able to service their product in the field for many years. This is made extremely complicated if there are component changes every 6 months.
  2. Legacy Support – In keeping with the tradition of long lifecycles, industrial OEMs often need their motherboards to support legacy I/O that works for their application.
  3. Wide Temperature Solutions – It is often the case in industrial applications, that it is necessary for the system to be able to operate within a wide temperature range.
  4. Conformal Coating – Depending on the use, industrial mini ITX boards may need a conformal coating to protect from moisture and dust. New Era can even offer this without voiding the warranty.
  5. Board Level Customization – Often times, board level customization such as a custom BIOS and splash screen are needed. As well as that, it is not uncommon to have unneeded components removed from the board in order to cut down on costs.

In addition to these features and services that are both necessary and expected in the embedded computing industry, New Era Electronics offers the additional options to fully integrate your mini ITX board into a barebones or fully custom system, complete with assembly, a 24 hour burn-in and just in time delivery.

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