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Low Cost Single Board Computer

How to Acquire a Low Cost Single Board Computer

shutterstock_24035881..new_.era_-300x200There are some very basic money-saving tips in the industrial OEM market that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. New Era Electronics has exposure to so many different manufacturers, distributors and industries that we tend to pick up a few tips. There are some simple ways for an OEM to acquire a low cost single board computer that we strongly recommend. Using these tips you can save 10-15% on the motherboard alone, without reducing quality.

Remove Unnecessary Components from the Single Board Computer

The Industrial computing market certainly has its woes and frustrations, but one benefit is the amount of leeway the customer is given in their product. Don’t underestimate that leeway, because it is an often overlooked fact that most manufacturers will allow you to customize a board in order to remove connectors or other components that you don’t need. This can reduce your cost. If the board has 2 Ethernet ports and you only need one, then request that one be removed and you could save $5 or more. No NRE, just savings.

Leave Out Motherboard Accessories

Most motherboard manufacturers will include a number of accessories with the purchase of a motherboard, such as USB cables, SATA cables, etc. However, not all customers need all of these accessories, and some don’t need any at all. These accessories are often worked into the price of the motherboard or as a separate package, so removing one can reduce the price slightly and removing all of them can reduce the price per board significantly.

Ship with Bulk Packaging

100393909-carton-packing-200x300This tip is a freight issue, about shipping by bulk packaging. Depending on the form factor of the motherboard, the price of freight per board can be reduced by about 50 percent. The main difference between bulk packaging and the usual packaging is that instead of save with bulk packaging single board computerseach board being packaged in an individual box, they are placed securely in honeycomb packaging and any accessories are packaged separately in the same box. This can translate to significant savings on large orders.

Get Bulk Price for Small Shipments

This last point is a great money saver and warrants an article unto itself, but it’s too valuable to not include here.

The way you get bulk price for small shipments is through the use of blanket orders. If you can determine how many boards you will need for the year and make a blanket order, then you can schedule monthly or bi-monthly deliveries and institute just in time delivery. Many distributors won’t offer this service, but that is the difference of New Era Electronics. We will work with you in order to save time and money. We are not a distributor who is simply an order taker. In addition to saving you money, this will also drastically reduce lead times and combat EOL dates, as New Era will reserve this stock specifically for your company.

Selecting a Low Cost Single Board Computer

In addition to the above money saving tips, there are certain motherboards that are, for whatever reason, inherently cheaper than other motherboards that have the same specs, but different manufacturers.

If you are unsure which motherboard would be the cheapest for your specific use, just contact us. We will be happy to provide an accurate price comparison for the exact motherboard that fits your specs, and help you zero in on the one which will provide the most bang for your buck.

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