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Fanless Computer

921290421-thinkstock-300x245Nearly all industrial environments have some sort of environmental sensitivity one way or the other, and so an easy solution to the problems that arise is the fanless computer. Aside from having one less part to worry about in your computer, this can assist in providing reliability, extended temperature ratings and protection from other environmental factors such as moisture and dust.

The Benefits of No Moving Parts

The benefits of a fanless computer are derived from several factors, including low-power processors. But there is one factor that plays a significant role in a fanless computer and that is the lack of moving parts.

Moving parts in a computer cause a myriad of different problems. First among these problems would be the most obvious. A moving fan causes air circulation and there are some applications, such as medical and mining, that can’t have a machine that propagates the circulation of various particles and germs in the air. To further drive this point home, in order to have a fully watertight computer, such as for the food industry, you can’t have one which requires air circulation in order to keep cool as there will be no air holes and it will instead work more on the order of a convection oven.

The next major benefit to having no moving parts is the reliability of the machine. Especially if the machine is going to be jostled, or be subject to vibration, a moving fan that is in continuous operation can easily fail. And even when stationary, they have a propensity to get plugged up with dust. When that happens, the machine overheats and problems ensue. Having a fanless computer effectively eliminates this problem, and the benefits are compounded when a hard drive is replaced with an SSD or compact flash.

Fanless Computers from New Era Electronics

At New Era Electronics, we carry a wide and varied range of fanless computers from a selection of different suppliers. This includes servers, waterproof pcs and box pcs from Axiomtek, Arbor an AAEON.

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