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Embedded Industrial Computers

army02The main trouble of looking for embedded computers for industrial applications is in finding components with long life cycles and certain other industrial specifications. Often times, the consumer components do a good job of running an embedded industrial computer. They are usually just lacking in a long life cycle and one or more industrial specs, such as a wide temperature range or protection from other environmental factors. That is where the ever growing field of the manufacture and distribution of embedded industrial computers stems from.

Embedded Computers Tailored to Your Industry

Probably the largest convenience associated with embedded industrial computers nowadays is that with the exponential growth of the manufacturing of such devices, complete product offerings have been developed for individual industries. Of course there are the devices for industries such as Medicine, and Military and Aerospace which have been widely available for quite some time.

However, in recent years, embedded computing has taken on many other industries, even including the different niches within those industries. These are industries such as Power and Energy, Transportation, Avionics and the Food Industry just to name a few.

This is so much the case that if a customer were to ask our company for a product designed to suit a certain industry, we would more than likely be able to produce a variety of different options from several manufacturers.

In response to this trend of convenience for the OEM in the various industries, New Era Electronics has taken it a step further. Rather than simply being an “order-taker” as many distributors of embedded industrial computers tend to be, we will work with our customers and provide product insight where possible.

Additionally, we are fully equipped to handle the entire gamut of services needed by the industrial OEM, such as system assembly, testing and burn in, and product lifecycle planning. The amount of value this has for the OEM is tremendous, and it is at a price that is lower than the competition.

Embedded Industrial Computers Distributor

New Era Electronics is the answer to a need for good product and services that are tailored to the industrial OEM in various industries. We strive to provide excellent product and technical service, all at a better value than anywhere else in the industrial market.

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