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DN2800MT Mini-ITX Motherboard

DN2800MT-3-289x300The DN2800MT Mini-ITX Motherboard is almost identical to the former Intel version and features include:

  • 8 USB Ports
  • Intel® Atom™ CedarView Processor N2800
  • VGA, HDMI and LVDS video interfaces
  • m-SATA, min PCIe and PCIe expansion slots

The DN2800MT Mini-ITX Motherboard is like a consumer board with no added features like ‘wide temp’ and is a low power mini-ITX board, well priced and feature rich. It’s a good replacement for general motherboards of similar specs and is an excellent replacement for the Intel DN2800MT.

Suitable Markets

DN2800MT-4-300x268The DN2800MT Mini-ITX Motherboard is suitable for the following markets includes:

  • Signage
  • Kiosk
  • Panel PC
  • Surveillance


A good alternative to the DN2800MT Mini-ITX is the IMB-148. It uses the more recent Intel® Atom™ CedarView Processor D2550 and has a few less features (such as no m-SATA), so it is an even cheaper option. This is recommended for new designs, if the additional features of the DN2800MT are not needed.

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