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COM Express Module

CES-471-COM-Express-ModuleA Computer-on-Module is a specialized type of small form factor computer board. It contains all necessary computer components on one board which makes for easy implementation.

A COM holds the chipset, processor, RAM, and Input/Output controllers, but it does not have any I/O itself. A CoM attaches to what is called a carrier board. The Carrier Board contains all of the Input and Output ports for the computer as well as any extraneous component controllers.

Custom Build Computer With a COM Express Module

Use of a COM in a custom board design removes the issue of trying to design a chipset onto a motherboard. Designing the chipset is often seen as the most complicated part of the process and often requires the expertise of a specialist in order to accomplish. By using a COM, you can build a custom Carrier Board which contains all of the I/O, additional controllers and size specification that you need, and simply place the COM on top of the carrier board.

It has been said that this effectively removes 80% of the design work. A COM gives your custom built computer a good starting point.

The COM Express Module is a particular specification which encompasses a range of versatile form factor variations of the typical COM. It includes sizes ranging from the 55 x 84 mm mini to the 110 x 155 mm extended. There are also seven different pin-out options available, the most popular being Type 2 with the more modern Type 6 close on its tail.

Advantages of COM Express Module

The COM Express Module has an advantage in ease of customization and scalability over other COMs due to its wide support by many computer manufacturers. The majority of industrial board manufacturers can provide invaluable tools, such as COM Express Development Kits or Starter Kits, in order to help design a carrier board. Paired with the services of competent distributors like New Era Electronics, these come replete with a carrier board with nearly every I/O supported by the COM Express module, design and Gerber files, as well as recourse to FAEs and tech support which will help in your company’s personal design process.

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