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Carrier Boards

ICEK-8060-T6If you find yourself working on a project where you are strapped for space, then you are more than likely going to opt for a computer-on-module. And if you have a computer-on-module you’re going to need a carrier board.

Carrier Boards Allow You to Manage Space Efficiently

Using a carrier board with a COM holds many benefits over the more traditional embedded board options such as Mini-ITX. And while you do need to go through the trouble of designing your own carrier board, it gives you the freedom of being able to choose any connectors, embedded controllers for external functions and even the shape of your carrier board. This effectively bypasses the need for extraneous expansion cards and the resultant loss of space and mess of wires, which you likely can’t afford to have in your project. To sweeten the deal, this allows you to easily switch the computer-on-module you originally picked, if you so desire.

New Era Electronics Offers the Wide Variety of Components You Need During Your Testing and Development Process

To aid our OEMs in the testing and development process, we offer COM Express and ETX carrier boards that come with a large variety of different I/O ports and expansion slots, so that you can find exactly what you need and what you don’t need during the development of your own carrier board. Or, if you need help in the design of a custom carrier board, we can provide that service too.

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