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Backplanes and Riser Cards

Active Backplanes, Passive Backplanes, Riser Cards for Space Sensitive Machines: Rack Mount and Low Profile Computers

OEMs often find themselves dealing with rack mount, low-profile computers, shoe box pcs, and a myriad of other space-sensitive machines. Often these machines need to be repaired easily while out in the field. There is a specific group of products that the OEM needs in such cases. Those products are active backplanes, passive backplanes, and riser cards. And at New Era we have a very large selection of both modern and legacy parts available.


When versatility and easy repair is a necessity, backplanes can usually solve the problem. They make pulling out a motherboard and replacing it a cinch, simply through the use of a CPU card.

Plus, they solve all manner of space problems by allowing for a large amount of expansion cards that can face either vertically or horizontally. This makes them ideal for rack mount computers and shoebox PCs.

New Era Electronics offers active and passive backplanes, with slots ranging from ISA to PCIe as an added bonus for the OEM.

Riser Cards

Riser cards are another nifty tool when it comes to versatility and meeting space requirements. They allow expansion cards to be plugged in horizontally to either the right or left; and in rare cases can even be used to add expansion slots.

Riser cards allow you to use expansion cards and form factors that you wouldn’t be able to use otherwise, were it not for their use. In a final testament to their usefulness, riser cards even exist which convert PCI to PCIe and at New Era Electronics we carry the whole gamut for our many OEM’s.

For information on our extensive supply of backplanes and riser cards, contact one of our expert technical representatives.

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