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Military Industry

144799441-300x225At New Era Electronics, we understand that the military industry requires rugged systems and components, able to withstand shocks and harsh environments. When you also factor in the individual needs of each specific application, that makes a hefty list of requirements for any one machine. Luckily there are some ways to make zeroing in on the right product, a much easier process.

Military Industry Computer Systems

Military systems pose an interesting dilemma. There is a constantly increasing demand for military systems for use in the field. This calls for wide temperature ratings, high horsepower, and resistance to shock and drop damage. Those are generally a minimum requirement, with the form factor requirement and a possible need for waterproof being additional limiting factors.

What you need are solutions, and we can provide them. At New Era we’ve already done all of the work for you. We offer a wide selection of mil spec machines, sure to fit one of your needs.

And should your specific requirements fall beyond the bounds of our current selection, then our technical team will work with you to design and produce a custom military components unit in order to fulfill your requirements.

Military Displays

133722233-300x204Finding displays for military use is also quite an interesting adventure. Good quality displays that have wide temperature ratings and can be knocked around a little are hard to come by. That goes triple if you want to have a touch screen. However, like most things in this industry, they do exist, and we’ve long since sniffed them out and appended them to our product line at New Era.

Our main manufacturer of TFT displays, Mitsubishi, has a comprehensive line of displays in several different sizes and nearly every one has a temperature rating of at least -20°C ~ +70°C.

However, if you want to throw a touch screen on top of that then look no further than our industrial line of monitors from Eizo, with the FDU2101T standing as reigning king of that line.

And if there’s anything that you need that goes beyond that, just contact one of our technical reps and they’ll be sure to help you.

Finding the Right Parts for a Military Application

Finding the right parts for a military application can be a hassle. You have to know all of the specs that you need, know all of the right manufacturers, handle any other problems that pop up, add water and mix. But we pride ourselves in being a “One Stop Source” for OEMs in the Military Industry, able to provide industrial systems, components, and the assembly thereof.

We have anticipated the problems that can come up and as a result, we have prepared for them and found ways to circumvent them. All with the end product of providing our military customers with great service and a high quality selection of military spec computers and computer components.

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